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Departmental Composites

       As an all-inclusive photographic service for your department, we can come to your location and capture all your team on site. Then after everything is done we can create a composite that will make all team members proud of their department. The design is 100% up to you and your team leaders. You get full control over the style, artwork and message given by the composite. 

      Your employees will have up front discounted costs of prints and are not trapped into a “print package” type of deal. We give your team the opportunity to save a lot of money by pre-ordering their pictures but also allow the option ordering online.  Your command staff as well as the Public Information Officers will have the ability to access the encrypted - high resolution photos at any time via cell phone, tablet, or computer. That way if a photo of your team is needed, it’s just a few clicks away.

        Artwork and styled shots are available to really make your department stand out! As a 1st responder for most of my life, I understand that it isn’t always easy to gather all your people at one time.  We offer very flexible hours and dates to gather your photos. With 4 days of shooting, 2 make up days, and the ability to have your team swing by my studio, we offer the full service with the least amount of impact to your daily routines. 


       For pricing and questions please feel free to contact us at 540-400-2054 or at